Katharine, Duchess Of Kent, Returns To Teaching After Years Of Retirement To Educate Children From Grenfell Tower

Date June 15, 2018

Katharine, the Duchess of Kent, might be the lesser known member of the royal family, but she's definitely not the least interesting.


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The 85-year-old royal became part of the family after she married Edward, the Duke of Kent and Queen Elizabeth II's cousin. Katharine tended to her official responsibilities until retiring in 1996.


She willingly left the public eye only to pursue her passion, which was to teach music. Katharine wanted to keep her identity a secret, and she succeeded. No one knew about her royal background. For her students and colleagues, she was just Mrs. Kent.

Katharine even rented an appartment in London to give piano lessons. 


Several years ago, the Duchess of Kent retired from her secret private life and stopped teaching, but now, it seems like she's been having a hard time leaving it all behind.

Back to school

The 85-year-old royal is returning to teaching. She will work in a school, all students of which are from Grenfell Tower.


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Grenfell Tower tragedy occured last year, when the fire engulfed the building, and many people lost their friends and families.

Katharine wants to help the children, as she believes in the healing power of music. 


Public reactions

Many people celebrate Katharine and even call her "my favorite royal", and she very well might be one of the best.

We are amazed at the Duchess of Kent's story and wish her and her students great and fulfilling time together.

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