Meghan Markle's Messy Hair At The Royal Wedding Appalled Many People And Received Major Backlash On Social Media


May 22, 2018 17:03 By Fabiosa

There's no doubt that Meghan Markle looked gorgeous at her wedding.

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With a stunning Givenchy dress and $13,000 worth of hair and makeup, bride's good appearance was guaranteed.


But people still managed to find imperfections in the Duchess of Sussex's looks, and they're not happy about it.

Messy hair, but the bride doesn't care

Everyone knows that Meghan's signature look is a messy bun. It's comfortable, classy, and makes her look good.

However, the public expected Markle to put aside her preferences and go for a sleek hairstyle during her big day. It certainly looked like it for the first couple of minutes of the ceremony, but then, the hair started to come undone.


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A combination of grand veil and a tiara was too much for Meghan's hair, so some stray hair came out on the side. 

Markle's hairstylist said he didn't do her hair too tight, so that she can feel like herself and easily put hair behind her ear if needed. After all, that's what she always does.


Public is fuming

Twitter users were furious over Meghan's stray hair and claim it was an absolute disaster.

Do you think Meghan's hair was a big issue? 

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