Meghan Markle Was Once Again Blasted For Breaking Royal Rule By Trying To Hold Her Husband's Hand

Date July 2, 2018 13:40

Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined the Queen for Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace. It was a very high-profile event attended by numerous celebrities and highlighted bright young minds, who work on making our world a little bit better.


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It was a tough reception for Meghan, as she was slammed for not doing a Duchess Slant while sitting down. According to the royal etiquette, ladies have to cross their legs gracefully at the ankles, instead of placing one leg over the other, which Duchess of Sussex failed to do.

But it turned out that dismissing the Duchess Slant wasn't Megan's only faux pas of the day.

No touching

It seemed that Meghan was so overwhelmed by the event that she forgot one of the biggest royal rules: no public displays of affection.

At one point during the reception, the duchess was seen trying to reach out to hold her husband's hand, when he took it out of the way and crossed his palms in front of him.


Body language expert Robert Kermode says 'no hand holding' is not exactly a written rule, but the Queen made it very clear that she's not a fan of displaying affection and physical contact between members of the royal family in public:

The Queen rarely holds hands with her husband in public and this seems to have set an unwritten precedent for the other royals.


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The Duke of Sussex's brother William and Kate Middleton are used to abiding by this rule and are never seen holding hands in public, as noted by Kermode:

It is very clear that William and Kate are emotionally close, however, they do not seem to feel the need to prove their love — particularly when on official state business. 

It looks like Harry remembers these types of things better than Meghan, so it's good he's always ready to help her out in unclear situations.

"Give the woman a break"

Public didn't react well to the new criticism of Meghan, and think that royal experts need to take it easy on her.

What do you think about this rule? Should the Duchess of Sussex be criticized for breaking royal protocols so much? 

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