Romantic Painting Prince Harry Secretly Gave Meghan Markle Is Now Available For Under $300

Date July 6, 2018

Prince Harry is a true romantic and has been showering Meghan Markle with gifts ever since they started dating. The most recent and, perhaps, the most special present from the loving husband was Princess Diana's cocktail ring, which the Duchess of Sussex received on her wedding day.


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Although such ring is something we can only dream of ever getting our hands on, there is one gift Meghan got from Harry that is now available to everyone.

Special painting

Back in 2016, when Harry and Meghan were dating, the royal purchased a painting "for a special person", which we now know was the actress herself.


It was a romantic artwork made of two pieces: on one side, we can see a girl and a boy holding hands, and on the second, we read “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”. We can only imagine how lovely it was for Meghan to receive such a wonderful gift from her then boyfriend.

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Now, the miniature version of the painting is available to buy for $262. The replica was made by British artist Van Donna. It would be very special for anyone to have this art piece, as it holds special significance for a royal couple.

A British art collector told PEOPLE:

It’s wonderful that the piece played a small role in their romance. It’s part of the fairy tale.

We certainly wouldn't mind having this small piece of the royal romance.


All gifts for the duchess

But Prince Harry isn't the only one presenting the duchess with special things. She also received her own Coat of Arms ahead of the royal wedding. It's a wonderful tradition to gift it to every person who's marrying into the royal family.

We're sure Meghan has many more special gifts ahead of her.

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