Social Media Dubbed Robin Wright's Thoughts On Kevin Spacey Completely "Disappointing", And Her Interview Leaves Us Wanting More

Date July 10, 2018 13:16

Many of Kevin Spacey's colleagues have been asked about their impressions of him ever since sexual misconduct accusations against him became public. Finally, Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey's House of Cards co-star, broke her silence, but apparently, it wasn't worth the wait for the public.

Famous outcast

After Kevin Spacey's alleged behavior became public, Hollywood shut him down almost completely. His role was refilmed with another actor in All the Money in the World (2017), and he was fired from TV series House of Cards, on which he worked for 5 years.


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Since three more harassment allegations have been recently filed against the actor, TODAY sat down with Robin Wright, Spacey's House of Cards co-star, to ask her about personal experience with him.

Strictly professional

When asked whether she's ever expected to hear something this shocking about her colleague, Robin Wright pointed out that they've never been friends:

We were co-workers really we weren't...never socialized outside of work. Respectful, professional relationship, he was so great with me. He was never disrespectful to me, so that's my personal experience, that's the only thing I feel that I have the right to talk about.

52-year-old actress' experience with Kevin Spacey began and ended on the set, so she's never noticed anything unusual. They've never talked outside of work, and she hasn't had any contact with him ever since the accusations against him saw light.


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Wright is a professional, so it was expected of her to approach this interview with the same poise she always has on the screen. However, the public is pointing out that Robin's interview seemed too cold and calculated due to the sensitivity of the situation.

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