Susan Sarandon Left The Queen And Prince Philip Amusingly Confused After She Broke Royal Protocol Upon Meeting Them

Date June 26, 2018 11:50

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip enjoyed a sunny day during Royal Windsor Cup polo match.

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Her Majesty looked radiant in a peach-colored outfit. In addition, the duke's presence obviously lifted the Queen's spirits as he's been mostly absent from public events lately.

The royal couple had a lot of fun watching the tournament, but there was one little thing that left them both puzzled.

Who is she again?

Many celebrities attended the polo match, among which was famous actress Susan Sarandon. She was very excited to be at the event and couldn't miss the opportunity to meet Her Royal Highness.

However, it didn't go as smoothly, as Susan might've expected. She was seen shaking hands with the Queen and Prince Philip and even received a welcoming smile from Her Majesty. 

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But, the duke had a confused expression on his face, as he didn't know who the 71-year-old actress was. He even leaned in to ask the Queen for some clarification.

The reason for the confusion was Susan Sarandon breaking the royal protocol. All guests must wait to be introduced to the royals before approaching them.

Royal advisors couldn't brief the Queen and Prince Philip on the excited invitee, so they were left bewildered by the encounter.

Public reactions

Those confused expressions on the royal faces say it all.

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