Queen Gave Meghan Markle A Sweet Gift Before Their First Joint Trip, And It Perfectly Suits The Duchess

Date June 15, 2018

The Queen and Duchess of Sussex's first joint trip was a success!

They enjoyed each other's company and seemingly had a lot of fun tending to official engagements and riding the Royal Train.


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Apart from a little incident with forgetting royal protocol for a second, Meghan felt comfortable around the Queen, and the two were even seen laughing together. Perhaps, Markle's good spirits had something to do with a little gift Her Royal Highness presented the duchess before.

Something pretty for Meghan

Before going on their first trip together, the Queen gave Meghan a pair of lovely pearl earrings. 

The gesture might've signified Queen Elizabeth II's joy over having her favorite grandson's new wife accompany her to Cheshire, so she wanted to give her something nice.


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Well, it definitely worked as the two seemed very close and friendly. Plus, Meghan looked gorgeous wearing those sophisticated earrings, we're even a bit jealous.

Queen's new favorite?

We know Queen Elizabeth II has been quite taken by Meghan for a while now, but these days, it's even more apparent.

The Queen broke royal traditions at least twice for Markle: first, when she invited Meghan to spend Christmas with the royal family, and second, when the Duchess of Sussex became the first non-senior invitee to ride the Royal Train.


And don't forget that Kate Middleton went on a solo trip with the Queen over a year after getting married to William, when Meghan received this honor with less than a month after her wedding.

The Duchess of Sussex is taking the royal family by storm, and even the Queen herself can't resist Meghan's charm.

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