Verdict: Bill Cosby Was Found Guilty In Sexual Assault Trial And Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

Date April 27, 2018

The trial against Bill Cosby is over. The case against America's previously favorite TV dad brought up years of alleged sexual misconduct and heartbreaking testimonies.


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Due to the statute of limitations, Cosby's trial revolved around one case. Andrea Constand accused the famous actor of sexually assault at his home in 2004. Reportedly, there have been over 60 women who came forward with their tragic experiences. 

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The verdict is in

Bill Cosby was found guilty in all three counts of aggravated sexual assault on Andrea Constand. The 80-year-old actor should spend 30 years in prison. Throughout the entire trial, Cosby sat silently and refused to testify. However, moments after the verdict was announced, he broke down into a loud rant and even insulted the prosecutor.

One of Bill Cosby's accusers gave an interview after the trial was over.

I feel like I'm dreaming. I feel like my faith in humanity is restored.


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Last year, the proceedings against Cosby ended in mistrial due to a different jury failing to reach an agreement. This time, the jurors deliberated for less than two days. Perhaps, the fact that judge allowed five other women to testify against the actor helped the case reach its conclusion. 

Celebrities react

Many celebrities reacted to news of Bill Cosby being found guilty with relief and gratitude to the justice system.

In addition, public figures acknowledged the bravery of Cosby's victims. They reaffirmed that everyone is heard, and we need to put an end to any type of sexual misconduct.

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