Victoria Beckham Received The Sweetest Message From Her Loving Daughter In The Morning

Date April 27, 2018 10:25

Victoria Beckham seems to have a perfect relationship with her daughter Harper. On Easter, Beckham posted a lovely card she received from her baby girl, who referred to her mom as 'superhero'.


Kisses at Easter x 🐣🐣🐣🐣

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Victoria is very close with her only daughter and often posts beautiful pictures with her 6-year-old. They look absolutely adorable together.


#internationalwomensday Kisses baby girl from mummy and daddy x

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Now, if the Easter card wasn't cute enough for you, there's something even better. The proud mom recently posted another sweet message Harper left for her "dear mummy".

What a lovely way to wake one up in the morning.


Feeling very lucky and loved this morning x 🙏🏻✨✨✨✨ so much love from Harper Seven x

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It's not surprising that Posh Spice is positively obsessed with her daughter. Harper is the only girl in the family of three boys, and she's the youngest Beckham child. We can practically feel the love this family shares for each other in every photo.


So much love x 💕💕💕💕💕kisses x ✨ @romeobeckham

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Birthday eve with my babies x love u so much @davidbeckham kisses x

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Victoria and Harper's close bond doesn't mean family's matriarch is only focused on her baby girl. Beckham is very proud of her children and doesn't miss an opportunity to post about them on Instagram.


Riding in the sunshine ☀️ kisses from Harper and her prince 🐎 x #mummytime x

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Guess who’s home!! We love u @brooklynbeckham @davidbeckham x

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People often praise Victoria for her parenting skills, as it's evident from the video, on which Harper is reading a letter about loving her family. We applaud Beckham for being able to cultivate such a warm relationship with her children.


Happy Harper ✨✨✨✨kisses 🙏🏻

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Please never stop sharing the love, Victoria!

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