Why Does Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Date Break Another Royal Tradition?

Date May 8, 2018 12:15

It's finally the month of the royal wedding! With less than two weeks left until one of the biggest events of the year, people have little patience until they can finally see the beautiful ceremony. As usual, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's special day will be available to watch live, and we are excited.


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If you've been wondering, the royal wedding will begin on May 19th at 12 pm of London time. This might be tricky for the overseas audiences, specifically the U.S. The ceremony time translates to 7 am Eastern Time and 4 am Pacific Time. We know, the last thing anyone would want to do on a Saturday is wake up to an alarm, but this should be worth it.

What's the issue with May 19th?

For die-hard royal fans, the wedding day on a Saturday might seem strange, and it is rightfully so. The date May 19th goes against the royal rules, as most British monarchs' ceremonies took place on a weekday. Prince William and Kate Middleton wedded on Friday, while Prince Charles and Princess Diana exchanged vows on a Wednesday.


So, why the royals decided to step away from customs and hold Harry and Meghan's wedding during a weekend? Truthfully, there's no concrete explanation. However, some claim because the ceremony won't be a bank holiday, this is the way to make sure people will be able to tune in and witness the start of this royal union.


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Prince William's conflict with the wedding date

There's another slight problem about the chosen wedding date. This year, May 19th, isn't only Harry and Meghan's special day, it's also the finale of the FA Cup, the U.K. football event. What's the connection, you ask?

It just so happens that the best man at the royal wedding, also known as Prince William, has been the President of the Football Association for the past twelve years. Every year, he attends the final match and presents the trophy to the winning team. However, this year, William will have to leave his duties due to different obligations. 


We hope Prince William isn't too upset about missing the sporting event and has enough fun at the wedding to compensate for that.

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