Why Prince Charles Never Takes Off His Special Signet Ring He Always Wears On His Pinky

Date July 6, 2018

Jewelry has different meanings in each culture. In the UK, rings, bracelets, and other precious pieces are mostly worn to signify the person's social or personal status. But, of course, no one in the country has more extraordinary jewelry than the royal family.

We often talk about tiaras and other diamond-filled jewelry, but we've never thought twice about Prince Charles' signature ring he always wears on his pinky. 


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Charles' gentleman's ring

Prince of Wales has been wearing the same gold signet ring on his left pinky since the 70s. He stayed true to the bling when he was dating Princess Diana and didn't take it off during his wedding with Camilla Parker-Bowles. The gold piece is always with him.


So, why is Charles so infatuated with this jewelry piece? According to the Bloomberg report:

The tradition goes back to the days of the Old Testament. Even though they're not as prominent today as they once were, the ring can symbolize a personal signature and family heritage, or to note your social status.

We can see that the 69-year-old royal's signet ring is engraved with a crown, which certainly points to Charles' royal status.


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In addition, Prince wears his signet ring on top of his wedding band, which might be a personal preference or holds some secret significance to him.


But Prince Charles isn't the only member of the royal family who favors signet rings. Princess Diana had a very similar piece and, while not exactly a royal, Pippa Middleton often sports a bling on her pinky.

Prince Harry's special bracelet

Just like his father, Prince Harry often wears one jewelry piece on his hand. A tribal bracelet has been a staple for the 33-year-old royal ever since his mother, Princess Diana, passed away.


It's thought that Harry got the bracelet during his trip to Africa, where he and William went in order to get away from the media attention after the tragedy.

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Prince Charles Pink