'Criminal Minds' Stars Kirsten Vangsness And Joe Mantegna Defend FBI Against Donald Trump And Other Critics

Date July 2, 2018

Tension between Donald Trump and FBI seems to be getting worse and worse every day. As the bureau continues its investigation into whether or not there was Russian interference into the last US presidinetial election, President Trump keeps denying all claims and calls the entire situation a "witch hunt."


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Trump often questions the integrity of how the FBI operates and is evidently determined to bring them down as, according to him, they're trying to do with him.

Such criticism coming from the country's leader isn't sitting well with those who are familiar with FBI's duties, such as Criminal Minds actors Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness.

On-screen FBI defending real-life agents

During a conversation with, Vangsness and Mantegna had a lot to say about the conflict between FBI and President Trump. 


Kirsten said it's upsetting to see the bureau fall under scrutiny as a whole, since Criminal Minds cast met with some agents on the set, and she was beyond impressed with their professionalism:

The integrity is palpable. I mean, smart and strong, the gun show, just the musculature on these people, and just to hear them talk about experiences that they’ve gone through and things that they’ve accomplished and what they’ve given of their life is extraordinarily brave.

45-year-old actress doesn't deny that every profession and organization has its flaws or "wackadoos," but there are usually much more good and honest people. Vangsness sees FBI agents as "superheroes," and says their daily bravery and sacrifices on the job shouldn't be overlooked.


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Joe Mantegna supported his co-star and added his own experience with FBI. Every year, the bureau holds an event honoring agents who died on duty. 70-year-old actor once attended the ceremony, which changed his perspective on the FBI job:

You go to a ceremony like that, and they literally take the time where they ring a bell, … and they read off the names of every FBI agent that’s been killed in the line of duty since its inception. They take that very seriously, and you start to realize some of these people have given their lives to try to keep us safe.



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Many fans of the show were very happy to hear Kirsten and Joe give their honest thoughts on the work of FBI agents, and wholeheartedly agree with everything that was said by actors.

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