Prince Charles Lets His "Darling Wife" Camilla's Guilty Pleasure Slip During His Trip To Wales

Duchess has a sweet tooth

On the last day in Wales, Prince Charles stayed alone, while Camilla had to leave for London a day earlier. Nevertheless, the 69-year-old royal couldn't stop thinking about his wife and kept mentioning her during his visit to a zero-waste store Natural Weigh.


The Prince of Wales was offered to taste some chocolate, which he turned down by saying:

It’s my darling wife who likes chocolate!

It's so sweet that Charles thinks about the Duchess of Cornwall even when she's not around.

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One thing royals never eat

Chocolate is indeed amazing and, luckily for Camilla, she's allowed to eat it. Royals have many rules about the food they're consuming, but there's one ingredient completely off limits. The Duchess of Cornwall revealed during an episode of Masterchef Australia:

I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no.


Considering how much the royals interact with people, it's no surprise they have to avoid garlic in their meals.

Oh well, at least chocolate is always an option. 

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Prince Charles