Prince Harry Defied Royal Protocol To Protect Meghan Markle From Press' "Wave Of Abuse," Which Might've Irritated His Father

Date May 10, 2018

Being in the spotlight for his entire life has been tough for Prince Harry. He had to go through his mother's untimely death and try to lead his life like a normal young man, all while having the world's watchful eye over him. Because of experiencing tragedy at the young age, Harry masked himself by turning to his rebellious side.

Little did everyone know that the young prince had a soft side all along. Royal reporter Duncan Lacrombe, who spent a lot of time with Harry in the early 2000s, recently revealed the prince we're getting to see only now.

He desperately wanted to get married and be happy. He sees his brother has found that. The fact that Meghan arrived when she did completes it for Harry.

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Looks like the 33-year-old royal heir finally found love and peace in his life. Considering all the loss and struggle he had to endure, it's no wonder he would be protective of what he cherishes the most.  


Protecting the love at all cost

Not everyone can live in the spotlight the way the British royal family does. Previously, Prince Harry lost two girlfriends due to pressure from reporters, and he's not going to let it happen again.

It's no surprise that Meghan Markle is constantly discussed in the press. She's not exactly who people expected one of the heirs for the throne to marry. Surely, she receives a lot of attention, but unfortunately, it's not always positive.


With very little time left before the royal wedding, Prince Harry succumbed to pressure and released the statement to the press addressing their intrusive behavior towards his bride-to-be. He referred to their actions as "wave of abuse" towards Meghan Markle, and asked for privacy for the fear of "losing" her.

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Such drastic measure might've been passable, if only it didn't somewhat break unofficial royal protocol. Currently, Prince Charles is touring in the Middle East along with his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Media attention was supposed to be focusing on this royal business, if it wasn't for Prince Harry's outburst.

Now, how exactly is it going against the royal rules? Well, the Commonwealth personas can't double book big public events and appearances so as not to clash with each other and steal the spotlight. Now that Prince Harry has made his emotional statement, most of the press' focus is turned to him, instead of his father. Needless to say, Prince Charles might be less than happy about this situation.


Jealous much?

Everyone is aware that Prince Charles is currently working very hard to win the public's affection, as he pursues the future status of the Head of the Commonwealth. So obviously, he wants all the positive media coverage he can get, and he doesn't want to share it. 

Moreover, according to the recent survey, Prince of Wales' sons are much more popular among British citizens than he is. William and Harry received 62 and 58 percent of votes respectively as the most liked members of the royal family. Unfortunately, Prince Charles was very low on that list with only 8 percent. 


It must be tough for Charles to compete with his young sons in this modern climate. However, the fact that he is next in line for the throne and he has received his mother's seal of approval should let him sleep better at night.

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