Prince Philip Put A Lot Of Thought Into The Queen's Engagement Ring For A Sweet Reason, And Its Price Ended Up To Be Very Modest

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Their union lasted so long owing to their remarkable bond and understanding of each other.

Prince Philip first proved how well he knew his future wife by picking out a perfect engagement ring for her.

Close attention to details

The Duke of Edinburgh paid close attention to every single detail about his future bride's engagement ring. The diamond was relatively small for a princess at only three carats. Philip picked it out himself as it was taken out of his mother's tiara. 

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The jeweled headpiece, which was a donor for the Queen's ring, had much bigger diamonds, but the Duke had reasons for picking the medium-sized one, according to the royal jewelry expert.

Bearing in mind the time just after the war, there was a necessity and propriety in what should be an everyday ring, and I’m sure that had an effect on the decisions.


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Philip knew what kind of person Elizabeth II was. He knew she would want an everyday and modern ring, and he wanted her to have the perfect one.

The Duke's modest choice has an estimated value of £100,000 today.

You must think "modest?" Yes, it is compared to Kate Middleton's wedding ring, which once belonged to Princess Diana.

Kate's ring is worth £300,000. The Queen's ring doesn't seem so expensive now, does it?


Now, you might be wondering how much Prince Harry spent on Meghan Markle's love jewel. It's actually estimated at £122,500, which is not that much, especially for modern royalty.

Then again, the cost of the ring doesn't determine marriage's longevity; it's thought that counts.

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