Why Doesn't Prince Edward Hold The Duke Title Like His Brothers Andrew And Charles?

Date May 18, 2018 12:10

Out of all Queen Elizabeth II's children, Prince Edward keeps the lowest royal profile.


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Compared to his siblings Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, not much is talked about the Queen's youngest child.

However, Edward isn't afraid of spotlight. He actually has experience with television, having worked as a production assistant on several programs.

Interestingly, now he's set to join Declan Donnelly as a replacement for his usual co-host in a popular TV show Ant & Dec.


It seems that Prince Edward is very different from his siblings. But there's one more thing that puts him even further away from Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

What's with Prince Edward's official title?

Every member of the royal family holds a title, which is determined for them by the Queen. Prince Charles is the Duke Of Cornwall, Prince Andrew is the Duke of York, while Prince Edward is the Earl of Wessex.

So why isn't Edward a duke like his brothers?


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Actually, it was his own choice. Prince Edward asked for this particular title because he's a fan of the fictional character Lord Wessex from the Academy Award-winning movie Shakespeare in Love (1998).

The Queen granted his youngest son the desired title as a gift for his wedding in 1999.


It all worked out very well for his brother's son Prince William, who got the spare Duke of Cambridge title since his uncle didn't want it.

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