'Chicago Fire' Hottie Jesse Spencer Spills The Beans On Casey And Dawson, Living In Chicago, And Meeting Lady Gaga

Chicago Fire leading man, Jesse Spencer, has everything figured out in his life nowadays. He loves living in Chicago, has outstanding relationship with his cast members, and his character, Matthew Casey, developed the best on-screen relationship with Monica Raymund's Gabriela Dawson.

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Unfortunately, Raymund's departure from the series means we won't have our favorite lovebirds Casey and Dawson on the show anymore, but they definitely went down in history as one of the most interesting TV couples.

But what does Jesse Spencer have to say about his experience working on the show? It certainly has been a wild ride.

Relationships, Chicago, and Lady Gaga

39-year-old actor had to switch from his scrubs after being on House for eight years to riding on a firetruck very quickly. Spencer had no problem ditching his experience of playing a doctor, and was excited about learning more about ins and outs of being a firefighter.

Jesse admitted during an interview with Glamour Magazine that it's very exciting to see his team do something real firefighters do:

As a lieutenant, my job is to make sure everybody is doing what they're supposed to do it, but watching my boys run in and do it and see how efficient we've become as a team is really cool. Sometimes, I'm even surprised! Like, 'This is a bunch of an actors doing this! That's pretty cool!'

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Spencer had to visit many firehouses in Chicago in order to make his character more authentic on the show. In addition, he's been assimilating nicely in the city, and the fans love having the cast of the show around:

They are crazy about the show there. We're kind of, ... we're not anonymous in Chicago at all. They're so proud of Chicago and love their hometown.

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There have been many exciting things happening on the show over the years, but one of the highlights for Jesse was meeting Lady Gaga. Famous singer was dating Taylor Kinney a few years ago, and often hung out with the cast. Spencer recalls his favorite thing about spending time with Gaga:

She can cook! She cooked us dinner once. It was pasta, and it was amazing.

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But, of course, the most interesting thing that all fans wants to know is Spencer's experince with Casey and Dawson's relationship. And, not surprisingly, the actor loved his dynamic with Monica Raymund very much:

It is really fun. I really like her being under my command. I really enjoyed it. It kind of got my masculinity going. It got my blood going. It was fun to yell at her and order her around. It was kind of a turn on. 

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It's heartbreaking to think that we're losing Casey and Dawson forever, and fans are devastated as well.

Fans can't bare losing their favorite couple

We're going to miss Chicago Fire hottest couple, but we're still excited to see more of Jesse in the upcoming season. 

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