So Unladylike! Princess Diana And Sarah Ferguson Used To Pull A Silly Prank On The Queen Mother

Date September 27, 2018 16:33

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson weren't only connected through their marriages to the Queen's sons, they were also distant cousins. It's believed that both ladies had a friendly relationship before Fergie met Prince Andrew, and Diana was the one who introduced them to each other.

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Once both Diana and Sarah became members of the royal family, they could enjoy each other's company during at times boring royal events. But they also found another unusual source of entertainment, and their target was the Queen Mother.

Pranking the head of the royal family

Russian author Dmitrij Medvedev revealed in his book about Princess Diana that she and Sarah Ferguson loved pranking their husbands' grandmother.


Diana and Sarah used to call the Queen Mother's private telephone line and hang up once she answered. This admittedly silly prank really amused the ladies and made them laugh uncontrollably every time.

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It might seem childish, but what else were the royal ladies supposed to do in a big castle while their husbands were away? 

Queen Mother favored Sarah over Diana

It's unknown whether Her Majesty ever found out about Sarah's and Diana's mischevious behavior, but one thing we know for sure is that she liked the Duchess of York more than Prince Charles' wife.


After Charles and Diana got divorced, the Queen Mother didn't want any mention of the Princess, as she never believed there was love between them. With Andrew and Sarah, it was different. Her Majesty could see that Duke of York loved his wife just as much as she did him, but the circumstances played against the couple.


Years after both divorces, we'd found out that Queen Mother's instincts were right, and we're all still rooting for Duke and Duchess of York to get back together.

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