Loving Sister: Princess Charlotte Made Furor By Tenderly Holding Prince Louis' Hand On Official Christening Portrait

Date July 17, 2018

Following Prince Louis' christening, royals delighted fans with beautiful official portraits from the reception hosted by Prince Charles at Clarence House. And, of course, little royal cuties Prince George and Princess Charlotte stole the show again.

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Everyone was very excited to see all three of Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids together. But no one was prepared for so much cuteness, and our eyes were immediately glued to Princess Charlotte, who melted our hearts.

Loving sister

If you look closely at the portrait featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton with their kids surrounded by the royal family, you can see Charlotte tenderly holding her baby brother's little hand.

3-year-old royal can be seen looking very attentively at Louis while grasping his hand, as if supporting him and letting him know of her presence.

In another picture, which only included the royal family of five, Charlotte was also touching Louis' christening gown. As a big sister, she just couldn't stop reaching out to her baby brother.

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This is beyond adorable, and we can barely handle it!

Public is swooning

Social media users quickly noticed Charlotte holding Louis' hand and went crazy for it.

Isn't this the most precious thing you've ever seen?

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Prince Louis Princess Charlotte