Bestie Fashion: Meghan Markle Wore BFF Serena Williams' "Boss Blazer" During Her Second Day In Australia

Date October 17, 2018

Royal Australian tour has supplied us with many new looks from our favorite fashionista Meghan Markle. The Duchess sometimes wears several outfits per day, but one of them turned out to be very special.

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During the second day in Australia, the Duchess of Sussex appeared in a stylish blazer designed by her close friend Serena Williams for J.Crew, and it looks like it was simply made for Meghan.

Bestie Fashion: Meghan Markle Wore BFF Serena Williams' gettyimages

The royal opted for the Boss Blazer, as titled by Serena herself. The grey subtly checkered jacket looked very comfortable and paired with a white shirt and black pants was a statement piece on the beautiful Duchess.

Its oversized fit highlighted Meghan's petite frame, but appeared organic and stylish on her.

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Meghan also experimented with her hair. She decided to try out a low ponytail, which is a big change from her usual messy bun and wavy locks.

Bestie Fashion: Meghan Markle Wore BFF Serena Williams' gettyimages

Overall, the Duchess of Sussex didn't disappoint with her look once again!

Serena was flattered

Serena Williams took to her Instagram to acknowledge Meghan's outfit of the day and was very happy to see her friend look so nice in her blazer.

Great job, ladies! They both have a wonderful taste.

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