Dashing Sam Elliott Stole Spotlight At 'A Star Is Born' Premiere With His Beautiful Wife And Enchanting Daughter

Date September 27, 2018

The long-awaited premiere for incredible musical drama A Star Is Born (2018) is finally here! The film features the incredible talents of Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and, most importantly, the Hollywood legend Sam Elliott.


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It's been a while since we've seen the owner of the greatest mustache in the world on a big screen, but he's finally back and we can't wait to see what Elliott brought to this new release.

Sam Elliott's appearance on 'A Star Is Born' red carpet

74-year-old legend stepped out on the red carpet accompanied by his beautiful wife and daughter, Katharine Ross and Cleo Rose Elliott. Sam looked as smooth and sophisticated as ever surrounded by his most favorite women in the world.


The beautiful family stayed close the entire time, supporting each other during such a big day. Katharine matched her outfit to Sam's, which made them both look very elegant and harmonious. 

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Cleo Rose, on the other hand, went with the delicate pink gown, which perfectly complemented her unique hair. 


Now we're even more excited to see Sam Elliott in the new feature film! Are you planning on catching it in theatres?

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