Did You Know There Was A Third Property Brother? Check Out 6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About The Scott Twins' Sibling


May 21, 2018 18:01 By Fabiosa

The Scott twins, famous for their extremely popular house-flipping show Property Brothers, are charismatic, handsome, and talented. They're adored by fans and managed to built quite a reputation for themselves in real estate business.

But did you know there's a third Scott brother? Here's everything you should know about him.

#1: JD stands for James Daniel


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#2: He's crazy in love

JD has been with his girlfriend, Annalee, for three years. They even run a small business on a side together. The couple has a Facebook page called Pink and Poppy, where they offer quick social media training.

#3: He's tried many different careers in the past

JD produced and starred in several movies. He also tried being a celebrity impersonator, including David Bowie and Adam Lambert.

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In addition, JD helps his brothers with their show. Plus, they have founded Scott Brothers Entertainment for any possible future projects.

#4: JD is the oldest Scott brother

JD is 42 years old, which makes him two years older than Drew and Jonathan.

#5: He's seriously involved in charity

Just like his brothers, JD is an ambassador for World Vision, an organization fighting poverty and social injustice worldwide.

He also regularly supports and promotes local charity events on his social media account.

#6: JD constantly interacts with fans

Every week, JD organizes Monday's Hot Topic, which is his little event to discuss any budding issues in society with his fans. He tries to respond to everyone and makes a safe, encouraging place for a friendly chat.

#7: He's close to his brothers

JD always posts pictures with Drew and Jonathan. And, of course, he has also attended Drew's wedding in Italy with his girlfriend. The couple clearly had a wonderful time.

What do you think about the third Property Brother? Would you like to see more of Drew on the Scott twins' show?

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