Meghan Markle's Clothes Have Hidden Diplomatic Meaning Similarly To The Queen And Kate Middleton's Outfits


July 13, 2018 15:58 By Fabiosa

Meghan Markle's style has been through many changes ever since she became an official royal. The Duchess have been favoring muted colors in her outfits, although we can see an occassional splash of color when the Queen isn't around.


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There are many fashion rules for women of the royal family, but we want to turn our attention to a very special custom, which now has found its place in Meghan's wardrobe.

Diplomatic ladies

Upon arriving in Ireland, the Duchess of Sussex left her pink and cream dresses behind and appeared in a deep emerald colored outfit. It was a calculated change as green is symbolic for Ireland. This move is something that's known as fashion diplomacy.


Most of the royal ladies have always coordinated their attires to the country they were visiting. The Queen also went with a green dress in 2011 during her trip to Ireland, but she went with a vibrant shade, because we know how Her Majesty liked to make a statement with her colors.


According to Renée Kuo, the managing editor of Debrett's, the authority on royal etiquette:

Meghan Markle is not only sartorially savvy and world-wise, but she's also following in the footsteps of female members of the Royal family before her, who used their wardrobes as forms of fashion diplomacy.

The tradition is to match the outfits to the color of the flag or other local customs. For example, Kate Middleton wore a bright red dress with a maple leaf brooch during the Royal Tour of Canada back in 2016.


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Princess Diana was also known for choosing her outfits very carefully in order to highlight the cultural values of the countries she was visiting. Now, it's up to Meghan to figure out her own approach to fashion diplomacy, and we're very excited to see it.


Meaningful colors

But we already know that the Duchess of Sussex likes her dresses to have meaning. Recently, she wore a beautiful pale pink dress as a tribute to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, as it was her favorite shade.

This is why we pay close attention to what royal women choose to wear for different occasions, we never know when there's going to be an interesting hidden message.

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