Robin Williams' Devastating Last Days Of Suffering From A Brain Disorder He Wasn't Aware About Revealed

Date May 9, 2018

It's been almost four years since the world was struck by the tragedy of Robin Williams' death. The beloved comedic actor died at the age of 63, shortly after being diagnosed with dementia.

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Only later, it was revealed that the actor was suffering from a brain disease, which caused him to develop depression and eventually take his own life. The public wasn't aware of how serious Williams' condition was. It was only after that his wife, Susan Schneider, shed light on the comedian's last days and devastating struggle.


Horror of the unknown disease

Little did everyone know, but Robin Williams' decaying health was also witnessed by some of his colleagues. In retrospect, doctors estimated the actor's disease developing in late 2013. Unfortunately, Williams didn't know of his condition and continued to work.

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Many symptoms associated with dementia, such as erratic behavior and mood swings, were attributed to Robin's history of substance abuse. As the disease progressed, the actor became worse and couldn't carry on with acting.

According to his colleagues on the set of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014), Williams was forgetting his lines and couldn't keep himself together.

Cheri Minns, makeup artist, who worked with Robin on the film, was especially devastated by his condition, as she witnessed the worst of it. 

He was sobbing in my arms at the end of every day. It was horrible. Horrible. I said to his people, ‘I’m a makeup artist. I don’t have the capacity to deal with what’s happening to him'.

People kept suggesting different ways to get out of depression to Williams, but no one knew the true cause of his suffering.


The documentary Come Inside My Mind celebrating life and work of the legendary comedian will be released on HBO in July.

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