President Trump Condemned For "Inappropriate Behavior" Around The Queen As He Turns His Back To Her During Their First Meeting

Date July 16, 2018

Last week, the US President Donald Trump arrived at Windsor Castle to meet with Queen Elizabeth II. First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband on this long-awaited first ever meeting between the leaders of the two countries.

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As expected by many, the First Couple had trouble remembering the royal protocol, which led to several amusing blunders with the Queen.

"Inappropriate behavior”

The Queen greeted Donald and Melania Trump with a simple handshake at the Windsor Castle. Interestingly, they didn't bow or curtsey upon meeting Her Majesty, but it wasn't exactly required of them.


Since the First Couple aren't British citizens, they aren't included in the royal rule. However, Michelle Obama did curtsey when she met the Queen, which might've been a gesture of respect. Still, Melania Trump opted against it.

While choosing not to follow this royal rule, President Donald Trump still managed to do something that was considered very rude. POTUS and Her Majesty were walking in front of the troops when Donald disregarded the etiquette of not turning his back to the Queen and walked ahead of her.

Queen Elizabeth II couldn't keep up with Trump, so he completely blocked her in front of the cameras. Her Majesty had to walk around the US President once he stopped and positioned herself at his right hand.

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Royal correspondent, Richard Fitzwilliams, commented on the situation to

It was inappropriate behaviour.

Although it's unclear whether Donald Trump was told to walk ahead of the Queen, it was amusing to see him looking side to side searching for Her Majesty, while she was lost behind his back.


Public reactions

The situation led to many jokes and criticism, as people weren't happy with the President's behavior.

What do you think about Donald Trump's first meeting with Her Majesty?

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