'Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott ‏Shared A Touching Birthday Tribute To His Mother For Her Birthday

Date October 26, 2018

Property Brothers twins Drew and Jonathan Scott became popular after showing to millions of viewers around the world the process of helping families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into their dream homes.

Besides being popular TV figures, they proved to be just good and kind people, who love their family and friends.

With his Twitter post, Jonathan Scott proved that family comes first!

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In fact, that was not the only post devoted to his family. Yesterday, Jonathan posted a touching tribute to his mother for her birthday. He wrote that his mom has always been the role model for him and that she is the best woman he has ever known

Property Brothers series focused on the good-looking and extremely talented identical twin brothers, Drew and Jonathan. They look so similar, but at the same time, they are different, and each of the brothers is a unique personality. Drew is a real estate expert who scouts neglected houses, and Jonathan is a licensed contractor who renovates the houses afterward.


A post shared by Drew Scott (@mrdrewscott) on


A post shared by Drew Scott (@mrdrewscott) on

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The show is indeed popular all over the world and has already won the hearts of millions of viewers in more than 150 countries.

Numerous fans have also joined the brothers and congratulated Mrs. Jones with her birthday.

Jonathan Scott’s touching tribute to his mother proved that he and his brother are really close with their family, and they cherish family members as much as possible. This is an example to be followed by others!

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