Robin Roberts Opened Up About Her Unusual Morning Routine And Battling Cancer In A New Interview

Date November 14, 2018 12:33

Robin Roberts, the popular talk show host and news anchor, is a true fighter and inspiration for so many people. Moreover, she is one of the first people that Americans see on TV when they wake up in the morning, as she is the anchor of ABC's 'Good Morning America'.


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Every day, Robin Roberts wakes up early in the morning at 03:15 in order to get ready for work. During the interview with the Cut, Robin described her unusual morning routine, which includes watching the news, meditation, and gospel music:

I wake up at 3:15. 3:15! At 3:30, I turn on the TV, and I watch about ten minutes to catch up on the headlines from overnight news. Especially nowadays, by the time you go to bed and by the time you wake up, who knows what has happened. I then turn off the TV and I meditate for 20 minutes in my bedroom. At that point, it’s like 4:05, and I do some deep breathing. Then I turn the TV set back on to catch more of the news, hop in the shower, head out the door, and have my driver Dario put on some gospel music in the car. Then, I’m in the studio by 5.


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She also talked about the hard process of battling cancer. Robin Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2007. She underwent all the necessary treatment, including a surgery, eight chemotherapy treatments, and weeks of radiation treatment.


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She described the process of battling with the disease, saying:

With all matters in life, I find a game plan. That’s how I approached my illnesses. Cancer was the opponent. My doctors were my coaches. The treatment was the game plan.

After the cancer treatment, she had certain complications in the form of the rare blood disorder and even had to take a leave of absence from the Good Morning America in 2011 to undergo the necessary treatment.

Despite so many life difficulties, Robin Roberts managed not to give up. She described her story in a memoir titled Everybody’s Got Something, which was published in 2014.

She also admitted that optimism helped her to overcome all hardships. During the interview with Diane Sawyer she said:

Optimism is like a muscle – it gets stronger with use.


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Robin Roberts inspires millions of people all over the world, showing that it is possible to overcome all difficulties and stay optimistic.

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