Joe Biden Moves People To Tears With His Eulogy To John McCain: "Remember How They Lived, Not How They Died"

Date September 3, 2018 18:36

When senators and politicians joined the people of Arizona to pay their final respects to John McCain, former VP Joe Biden gave a speech that touched the hearts of Americans across party lines.

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Biden's eulogy

Biden encouraged the McCain family and generously shared his own experience of loss.


Despite the political differences, he began his speech with the words:

My name is Joe Biden. I'm a Democrat. And I love John McCain.

Biden said:

the grief of losing a loved one was like being sucked into a black hole in one's chest.  

He lost his son to cancer too

Biden’s first wife and daughter died in an accident in 1972 and he lost his son Beau to cancer in 2015.


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He had some heartfelt words to say about losing a loved one to cancer.

It's brutal. It's relentless. It's unforgiving. And it takes so much from those we love and from the families who love them that in order to survive, we have to remember how they lived, not how they died.

After extolling the late senator's values, he brought people to tears when he concluded by saying:

to paraphrase Shakespeare: we shall not see his like again.


John McCain will truly be missed.

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