It's Almost Convincing! Conspiracy Theorists Share Side By Side Photos Of The Actual And Fake Melania Trump

Date August 27, 2018

The internet is back with its theory that Melania Trump is actually a body double, and not, in fact, Donald Trump's wife of 13 years.


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Is Melania a body double?

It is believed to have started sometime in 2017, after a man, named Joe Varga, claimed that the woman who stood beside President Trump during an October 18, 2017 press event at the U.S. Secret Service training facility was not Melania.

Apparently, a lot of people agreed with him, and have been trying to prove Melania is actually a body double since then.

They have new proof!

On Friday, after the First Lady shared a clip of her trip to a medical facility in Ohio, the claims flooded social media again.

This time, with renewed vigour! The conspiracy theorists say the Melania that boarded the Ohio-bound plane with the President is actually not the First Lady. And they have proof – side by side photos of the fake and actual Melania.

Some of the theorists believe Trump is holding the actual Melania hostage, while he uses this impostor to fool the Americans, and they think the game is getting more audacious with each official outing. What do you think?

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