Anime-Obsessed Teen Anastasiya Shpagina Is Considering Surgery To Help Her Become A Real Life Anime Character

Date August 27, 2018

Online, fans are taking their love of anime to an extreme. No one has been made more popular by this trend than Anastasiya Shpagina.

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The hidden problem with anime

Here what you need to know about this cartoon genre. On the surface, it looks like harmless G-rated fun. But, in reality, what most parents don't understand are the reasons why teens are drawn to them. Some teens and children are drawn lead characters for their presumed 'cool' deviant behaviors.

For instance, Secure Teens reports that a 10-year-old boy lost his life while trying out a scene from Naruto. He'd talked his friend into burying him head-first into a sandbox.

Meet Anastasiya Shpagina

For Anastasiya, a 25-year-old red-haired Ukrainian woman, she isn't at risk of dying, but she is obsessed with turning herself into a living, breathing anime character. More than that, she's been teaching her many followers how to do it one video at a time for years.

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More than 8 million people have viewed her YouTube video in which she teaches her followers how to get the wide-eyed anime look with makeup.

According to a report on Daily Mail, she is said to be considering making the anime look permanent with the aid of surgery.

They're getting popular

As disturbing as it seems, Anastasiya and the many like her on the internet are getting away with this trend and amassing a ton of followers on social media.


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Proof of this? Disney cartoon character obsessed Pixee Fox has done countless surgeries - rib removal, rhinoplasties, breast augmentations and so on - to alter her body proportions. And she isn't backing down. What do you think?

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