Another Hidden Message? Melania Trump Supports Lebron James As He Feuds With Her Husband

Date August 7, 2018 17:16

Melania Trump is full of surprises. First, she reportedly watched CNN while flying with her CNN-hating husband, Donald Trump. And now she's siding with his opponent in a Twitter fight.

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Trump at war

Trump's troubles with Lebron James began after the basketball star called attention to the president's "deliberate moves to sow division in America".


He was speaking to CNN's Don Lemon about his new project, a school in Akron, Ohio, when the subject of the president came up.

Melania praises Lebron James

In true fashion, Trump wasted no time in exacting his pound of flesh. He insulted both Lebron James and Lemon.

She praised James' charity work.

Lebron James 1 - Trump 0

"The First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today", Grisham said, nothing that her boss was open to visiting James' 'I Promise School project' in the future.

People online are loving this new Melania and Lebron James team up with Donald Trump on the losing end. What do you think?

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Melania Trump