Awww! Bride Asks Her 83-Year-Old Grandma With Chronic Alzheimer's Disease To Be Her Bridesmaid


August 20, 2018 10:50 By Fabiosa

A bride from Essex has won the heart of everyone who reads her story, with her unbelievably sweet gesture to her grandmother whose Alzheimer's disease is degenerating aggressively.

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A memorable Essex wedding

The bride, Leanne McQuillan, and her husband Wayne tied the knot this month in their rural Essex village, Goldhanger.

They'd already been together for years and had 3 children between them. But, when they finally decided to make their union official, her grandmother, Shirley Moodie, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2016, had begun to decline fast.

Dream come true for Shirley

Leanne told Daily Mail why including her grandmother on her special day was necessary: "This time next year she might not even remember who I am so that made it even more important to me to have her as my bridesmaid."

This beautiful gesture is made all the more memorable by the fact that Shirley had always joked about being on her granddaughter's bridal train.

Leane's decision to make this joke a reality gets the seal of approval from Alzheimer's experts who recommend making happy memories as a great way to care for patients. And online, people are simply in awe of this big-hearted bride.

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