Awww! Look Who Showed Up With Former President George H.W. Bush To Vote In The Midterm Elections

Date November 5, 2018 15:02

George H.W. Bush could very well be starting a fab new trend for voters. If animals are your thing, that is, why keep them at home when you go to vote?

Awww! Look Who Showed Up With Former President George H.W. Bush To Vote In The Midterm Electionsgettyimages

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What the midterm elections mean

It's election season in the US as American turn out in unprecedented numbers to vote in the midterm elections. If you are wondering why this looks increasing more important than the presidential election that put Donald Trump in power, here's your answer.

35 senate seats are up for election. In addition to this, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up. 36 state are also electing new governors and there are a number of local legislative officials seeking office.

Look who came out to vote

The stakes are high between democrats and republican.  And former Republican president George H.W. Bush was photographed looking in good health while doing due diligence on Friday alongside his service dog, Sully and best friend Jim Baker and Sully.

Sully, gotten from America’s Vet Dogs, has been a part of the former first family since June. He is the first service dog the former president has had and he's quite a patriotic one at that!

He made an earlier appearance online when former president Bill Clinton escorted the impressive looking Labrador retriever to the Bush family home in June. The official Twitter handle of George H.W. Bush shared a photo of the visit introducing the dog to his followers. Don't you just love them together!

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