Disturbing! Family Of 11 Now Lives Apart Because There's No Home Large Enough For Them In Birmingham

Date August 21, 2018

Is Birmingham facing a housing epidemic that is forcing families to live in fragments?

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Housing crisis?

According to a report on the Birmingham Mail, a family of 11, the Hussains - Simone, Ansar, and their 9 children, have been forced to live in separate accommodation arrangements at the Bristol city center.

This has been their living condition for 65 days while they wait for a home to be made available to them in Birmingham.

Are the Hussains to blame?

Simone claims they were forced out of the home due to its faulty amenities but their application to Birmingham City Council has not yet yielded any success.

The council says their home specification, a six-bedroom property, is difficult to come by. And so, in the meantime, Simone says they have had to live from Travelodge to Travelodge.

But, if the reactions on social media are anything to go by, the Hussains are at fault for having this many children and waiting for the government to solve their family problems. Thoughts?

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