"Happy Birthday My Trixie": Sarah Ferguson Celebrates Princess Beatrice With Rare Throwback Photos As She Turns 30

Date August 10, 2018

Sarah Ferguson has a lot to celebrate. She's gearing up for her daughter, Princess Eugenie's marriage to Jack Brooksbank and now she has cause to celebrate her eldest daughter as well.


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Royal birthday girl

Princess Beatrice just hit the dirty thirties. She was born August 8, 1988, and as Prince Andrew's first child, was the first female in the line of succession to the British throne until little Princess Charlotte took the covetted spot.


But, the royal birthday girl remains unchallenged as the first royal patron of the York Musical Society.

Sarah Ferguson's message

Her proud mum, Sarah Ferguson, who is also the Duchess of York despite being long divorced from Prince Andrew, took to Twitter to mark the day with rare childhood photos.

She unwittingly disclosed Beatrice's pet name 'Trixie' and did not hold back with gushing about her girl.

Fans also joined the love fest, celebrating Beatrice for being a wonderful human being, a true role model Happy Birthday to her!

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Princess Beatrice Sarah Ferguson