"I Will Keep Fighting": Demi Lovato Is Finally Addressing News About Her Addiction In A Candid Statement

Date August 6, 2018

Following news of her heartbreaking relapse and hospitalization from overdose (drug unknown), Demi Lovato is finally speaking to her fans.


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No longer sober

Recall that the singer was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after she passed out from a suspected drug overdose.


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She'd revealed to fans via her single Sober that she had relapsed and was no longer sober after years of staying clean off drugs. According to TMZ, she'd suffered extreme nausea and high fever complications as a result.

Demi opens up

News of her setback caused an outpouring of love, support and prayers sent her way. Fans cheered her for being ruthlessly honest about her struggle with addiction.


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And now, finally strong enough to address the issues, Demi Lovato took to her Insagram page to thank fans for their support and promised them that she was committed to getting help.

"I will keep fighting"

Although, she did not directly confirm reports that she'd suffered an overdose or state what drug it was, she formally made it known that she'd become addicted again.

"I will keep fighting", she said in her statement, and fans have continued to reach out to her with encouragements and prayers. We hope she pulls through and comes out on the other side, clean and sober again.

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