Jennifer Garner Reveals She And Her Daughter Had To Be Rescued During A Scary Kayaking Adventure In Sweden

Date August 9, 2018

Jennifer Garner is sharing details of a scary experience from a trip to Sweden with her kids.


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She's having the time of her life

The 46-year-old actress who has moved on from her marriage to Ben Affleck has been having the time of her life.


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Since she joined Instagram early this year, she has kept fans up to date with her very active schedule.


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When she isn't sharing pictures from her farming expeditions, she is teasing fans with new movie projects, working out, and traveling with the three kids she and Affleck share.

Kayaking disaster

On one such trip, as she shared recently, things got a little out of hand. According to her story, she and her oldest child, Violet, 12, had gone kayaking while visiting Stockholm. But they ended up getting lost.

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Thankfully, after paddling for hours without success, they ended up on a shipping lane. In her post, she thanked their rescuer, a young man named Mattias who works for the kayak rental service they'd used. He helped them find their way.

What do her fans think?

Fans, some of whom find the experience hilarious, are joining the actress to share kayaking stories.

We hate to imagine what might have happened if things had gotten worse than this, and we are glad that they found help soon enough.

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