Judge Judy's Awesome Life As A Mom And Grandma: She's Got 5 Children And 3 Of Them Are Following In Her Footsteps

Date March 12, 2019

Everybody knows her as the tough TV lady who has judged thousands of television cases, but not much about Judge Judy's personal life is known to the public.

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Who's the real Judge Judy?

This 76-year-old TV toughie is nothing like her onscreen persona in real life. To start with, she's light years away from being difficult-to-please. But she is an actual attorney with more than a decade of practice under her belt.

Her real name is Judith Susan Sheindlin. She's a proud mom of 5 children and loving grandmom of 13. Judy, who is a two-time divorcee, is married to Jerry Sheindlin.

Dramatic family life

Like most celebrities, she's got a dramatic family life, somewhat. She briefly divorced Sheindlin in 1990 and married him again in 1991. They do not have any children together, and happily share her 2 children from a previous marriage to Ronald Levy as well as Sheindlin's 3 children from a previous marriage.

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Judy's children are grown and successful. Her son, Gregory Sheindlin is a lawyer married to a video producer, Laurie.

Daughter, Nicole Sheindlin, lawyers and runs a mentorship organization that pairs female high school seniors with women who are leaders in their respective careers. Adam Levy served as a former district attorney in New York.

She's still in love with Sheindlin

The proud mom is not one to make a splash about her life, but she does make churning out accomplished individuals look very easy and belongs to the exclusive club of celebrities who have been married for more than 4 decades.

Judy admits that she and Sheindlin still have the hots for each other and she still likes to watch her man walk into a room. She makes him keep in shape and on her part, still preens herself for him. In fact, the man has never seen her without her hair done or lipstick. That's some serious couple goal! Thoughts?

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