New Clip Shows Meghan Markle's Astonishing Reaction To Her Wedding Gown In Her First Released Interview As A Duchess

Date September 19, 2018 16:24

Meghan Markle has been featured in a new documentary on ITV and for the first time since she became Duchess, we get a chance to see her address the cameras directly, but even more, we get to see her reaction to her wedding gown.


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Her iconic veil

On May 19, Meghan became easily one of the most iconic royal brides in history when she walked herself down the aisle in a very special Givenchy gown.

She personally requested to use a veil embroidered with 53 symbolic flowers all from the Commonwealth countries, her special homage to the Queen who did the same at her own wedding 70 years ago.

See Meghan's priceless reaction

But, in this new documentary, we get to see her addressing the cameras as she looks at her wedding gown and veil. The clip shows what body language experts have said of the Duchess of Sussex; she looked very confident and calm. None of the usual bridal butterflies-in-the-stomach.

The royal documentary, Queen of the World, will begin to air on ITV on September 25 and it focuses on the Queen and her alliance with the Commonwealth countries. Meghan is featured alongside Prince William and her husband, Prince Harry.


It's great to see this side of the Duchess as she prepares to embark on her first Commonwealth tour with Harry. They are billed to visit Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. What do you think of her reaction?

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Meghan Markle