Obsessed Or Economical? Melania Trump Repeats A $1280 Shirtdress She Wore Just 5 Months Ago For Dinner With Tim Cook

Date August 13, 2018 17:16

Melania Trump is beginning to make a trend out of recycling her old high-end fashion items.


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Melania's shirtdresses

In her time as First Lady, fashion watchers have noticed that she has a knack for switching drastically between prissy, coutured garments to dresses in simpler cuts.


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But, the one constant in the First Lady;s fashion has been her stripped 'laid back' shirtdresses worn when she wants to 'roll her sleeves up'.

Too much?

Yesterday, however, she took her love for strips and shirtdresses to an extreme when she showed up for a private business dinner at the Trump private golf course in Bedmister, New Jersey, in a recycled $1280 stripped shirtdress.

This specific dress, by fashion newbie, Adam Lippes, had made an appearance in March when she visited the St Mary's Medical Center in west Palm Beach for Easter.


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Melania shared a post-dinner photo of she, President Trump and their guest, the Apple CEO Tim Cook, who she praised for the company's innovations and positive impacts on the economy. What do you think of her shirtdress obsession?

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