Off-Duty Ohio Police Officer Is Under Fire For Using His Taser On An 11-Year-Old Shoplifting Suspect

Date August 13, 2018 18:42

An officer from Ohio is coming under fire for his mistreatment of an 11-year-old girl.

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Bizarre investigation?

According to a report on CNN, the Cincinnati police officer who was off-duty used his Taser on the youngster suspected of stealing from a grocery store.

The officer in question, Mayor John Cranley, was working in the capacity of an 'outside employment detail' investigating the grocery store's report of theft.

Opinions are divided

He had questioned several girls in the process, but when he approached the 11-year-old, she ignored his commands to stop her movement and continued to walk away. In response, he shot at her with his Taser. Cranley has since apologized for his use of force.

And although, the American Supreme Court specifies that suspects must be seen as an immediate safety risk before an officer makes drastic life-threatening decisions like Cranley's, the opinions are divided on whether the cop crossed the line.

Some people believe he should be relieved of his duties. Yet, others maintain that the adolescent needed to be taught a lesson.

Meanwhile, in response, the Cincinnati Police Department has announced that it is considering reviewing its age limit for juvenile Taser use. What do you think?

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