Sam Elliot's Daughter Easily Outshone Her Famous Dad After She Shared A Birthday Tribute Photo Of Them Together

Date August 10, 2018

On August 9th, honorary Hollywood cowboy and western movie icon, Sam Elliot turned 74.


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Sam Elliot appreciation posts

The native Californian, revered for his one of a kind southern drawl and mustache was celebrated by fans and colleagues alike who shared nostalgic pictures of his early days in Hollywood and recent ones as well.


It was great to see just how well the Road House actor had aged. But, amid the sea of Sam Elliot appreciation posts, one message stood out for us.

She outdid fans with her simple tribute

His daughter, Cloe Rose, who he shares with longtime wife, Katherine Ross, outdid all the fan love with her tribute as shared on Instagram and Facebook.


Happy Birthday Dad❤️

A post shared by Cleo Rose (@cleoroseelliott) on

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The punk loving singer and actress did not try too hard to find the right words. She simply said, "Happy Birthday Dad" alongside a picture of them standing with their hands entwined. We love that she's such a daddy's girl.

"Great picture!"

This seemed to be exactly what fans of both Cloe Rose and her father needed: a glimpse into the actor's life as a family man.

One fan rightly noted that it was a great picture and many more were in awe of how gorgeous she looked. We dare to say she stole the show! Happy birthday once again to Sam Elliot!

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