Twitter Users Came For Ivanka Trump After She Posted A Curious Photo Of Herself In Welding Clothes

Date August 10, 2018 17:52

Ivanka Trump appears to be all over the place in a desperate attempt to plot her comeback after a lot of bad press for the family, and people are beginning to notice.


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No more fashion

Recently, the first daughter and presidential adviser closed down her fashion empire after months of getting attacks from critics who considered her decision to do personal business while working for the government problematic.

Although she claimed that her decision was inspired by the need to focus on her job at the White House, online, she got dragged nonetheless.

Ivanka's weird photo-op

And now, she's back on the court of public opinion for posting really weird pictures of herself engaged in her 'official duties' as an adviser to the president on job creation.


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While visiting the Weber Workforce Center, she went full blue-collar work mode wearing welding gear, and actually tried to do some welding.

It's not clear why she thought this was necessary. Perhaps she wanted to blend in? Or was it a bad photo-op move? Twitter users did not care to understand her motives, they came down hard on her.

Was this an overkill for Ivanka?

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