Unlike Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Always Has Her Perfect Hair Down. Is There A Special Reason For This?

Date August 29, 2018 17:20

What's the deal with Kate Middleton's hair? We hardly ever see her without her hair down and somehow every strand stays perfectly in place.

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Her hair defies wind and humidity

The magic of Middleton's hair is all the more intriguing because Meghan Markle, her co-duchess, not only tries out different hairstyles, she gets away with a messy bun all the time.

But, with Middleton, even in the worst of weathers, her hair defies both wind and humidity. And stays down in most of her public outings.

If, like us, you have always wondered why she does this and how she manages to pull it off, we've got answers for you.

What's the secret?

To start with, it isn't necessarily a royal rule. It turns out, the Duchess of Cambridge has a scar on the side of her head that becomes visible when she wears her hair up. So, she avoids putting it on display as much as she can.

That said, how has she managed to look flawless with her hair down all these years? Well, according to InStyle magazine, it takes the expert hands of her glam squad, anti-humidity spray, some good old blow dry and a special technique one of her hairstylists, Rossano Ferretti, uses. It's called "invisible cutting."


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Perhaps, this is why Meghan Markle would rather keep on breaking royal protocol with her messy buns. She probably isn't a fan of all the preening that goes into keeping Kate Middleton's hair perfect. Thoughts?

Although Duchess of Cambridge often wears her hair down, when she chooses to have an updo, she always nails it. You can try to recreate one of her most iconic looks too!

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