People Online Are Reacting To Trump Calling Former CIA Chief John Brennan The Worst Director In History

Date August 21, 2018 14:22

Trump is not done fighting with former CIA Chief, John Brennan.


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What happened this time?

On Wednesday last week, after months on threatening to withdraw the security clearance of former government officials who opposed his policies, he finally pulled the plug on Brennan's access to sensitive government information.

Amid confusion over this sudden move, Trump said in a statement that his decision was a "constitutional responsibility to protect the nation's classified information."

Trump's one-sided Twitter war

But, since then, he has continued to rant about Brennan on Twitter.

On Saturday, he called the former CIA Chief a loudmouth, partisan, political hack.

According to the president, Brennan made a lot of mistakes while he served the CIA as its director and would go down as easily the worst in history.

On Twitter, people have been responding to Trump's accusations of Brennan by calling out his own acts of incompetence as president.

By far, the most hilarious reactions have come from people who altered the meaning of Trump's tweets by simply replacing Brennan's name with his own. But of course Trump as usual has his supporters. What do you think?

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