Dramatic Moment When Princess Diana Made The Queen “Finally Lose Her Patience” In 1995

Date May 13, 2019

Royal biographer claimed that in 1995, Princess Diana made her mother-in-law, the Queen, lose her patience when she bared all in her Panorama interview. This incident reportedly led to the Queen’s order of her divorce from Prince Charles.


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Fall out with Queen Elizabeth

Ever since Diana was a little girl, the Queen had always known the Princess of Wales. But the problems between them didn't start until it became clear that Charles preferred Camilla Parker-Bowles, and his wife started to feel isolated by him.

Ingrid Seward wrote in The Queen’s Speech: An Intimate Portrait of the Queen in Her Own Words, the Princess of Wales was asking her mother-in-law for help, but the Queen didn't know how to help her.


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It didn’t come as a surprise that the Queen could not grasp Diana’s issues, as she was raised among conservative women and was used to hiding her emotions. 

However, the Queen's composure and Diana's open expressions clashed, and the two couldn't seem to find common ground.

Losing her patience

The turbulent marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales started in 1981. The couple, who got separated in 1992, had not made plans to get a divorce.

However, Prince Charles’ 1994 interview with Jonathan Dimbleby revealed the cracks in his marriage, admitting he was unfaithful to Princess Diana.


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Diana’s unusual Panorama interview in 1995 was what finally made the Queen “lose her patience.” The interview led to her Majesty ordering the royal couple to divorce.    

The interview, which was secretly recorded at Kensington Palace with interviewer Martin Bashir, revealed how Diana and Charles' marriage had failed. The Princess of Wales also harbored doubts about Prince Charles’ fitness to become King.


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Their divorce became final in August 1996, and it played out publicly that year.

Her greatest fear

Andrew Morton, a royal biographer, revealed that Diana wanted people to know she was living a lonely miserable life in the Buckingham Palace.


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According to the author of 1992 biography Diana: Her Story, no one knew about the struggles Diana faced, as her life looked like a fairy-tale. The Princess of Wales was adored by millions of people.

After becoming a part of the royal family, Princess Diana feared becoming like her mother-in-law, who, she believed, was lonely.

The historic rift between the Princess of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II has been talked about for decades. Regardless of that, Diana and Prince Charles had a fairy-tale love story, which will always be remembered.