Jonathan Scott Gets Candid About Heartbreaking Split From Ex-Girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov For The First Time

Date June 3, 2019 11:36

In April 2018, Jonathan Scott announced that he and his girlfriend of two years, Jacinta Kuznetsov, had split. The HGTV star who has kept mom about it is speaking for the first time about the difficult break-up.

His ex-girlfriend gets engaged

The former Property Brothers producer revealed that she has moved on just 7 months after she and Jonathan broke up. 
Jacinta is now engaged to lawyer and bar owner Will Allen.

The reality star, however, wished Jacinta ‘the very best' with her engagement.

For the first time, Jonathan gets candid his breakup

The Property Brothers star is opening up for the first time after his split with ex-girlfriend, Jacinta in April 2018. Speaking to PEOPLE in an interview about the difficult split, Jonathan says:


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She wanted to accomplish a lot of things in her life, and that did not involve following a partner around on the road as they pursued their career. We’d try to trade off 50-50. It didn’t take long before this became difficult and eventually impossible.

The HGTV star says therapy helped him move past the heartbreak. He also adds that there are no hard feelings between them. He said:

Regardless of what we had; I’ve come to terms with the fact that we were not right as life partners. Though we don’t speak regularly, we are on good terms and both know we are there if needed.

Jonathan says he’s ready to find love again and is looking for a partner he can have fun with.

His brother Drew says they were not right together

When Jonathan and Jacinta broke up, his twin brother, Drew, was not surprised. In an interview with Us, the Property Brothers star revealed that his brother and Jacinta were not meant to be together.

Drew also confirmed that both Jonathan and Jacinta are still friends.

We are glad that the two respect each other and stay friends.