Striking Resemblance! Twitter Users Think Melania Trump And Caitlyn Jenner Could Replace Each Other As They Look Too Similar

Date April 19, 2019 15:12

Twitter users have started a discussion about how First Lady Melania Trump and Caitlyn Jenner look so similar. Some even believe the famous transgender reality star would be a good fit as a body double for Melania.


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Suspected double at public meetings

The wife of the U.S. President Donald Trump, Melania, is one of the most reserved first ladies of modern times. 
Very little is known about her youth and the very beginning of her modeling career. In March, internet users discussed the possibility of the double for the First Lady, which prompted the people to doubt Melania’s authenticity.

Joe Vargas, a Twitter user better known as The Don of CBD, is one of the instigators of this conspiracy theory. He was among the first to publish videos and photos with the president’s spouse to make you doubt that it is the real Melania. The conspiracy theory went so viral that people still look for any proofs that the president is not traveling with the real first lady.


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Talks of Melania’s double resumed when the couple went on an official visit to Alabama to commemorate the victims of tornadoes. However, Twitter users readily noticed differences between the woman that came and Melania.

Can they replace each other?

Several Twitter users are of the opinion that transgender icon, Caitlyn Jenner, and Melania could replace each other because of the striking resemblance. They started the discussion wondering when both women started to look so much alike.

Twitter user Missy Zor-El suggested they might be using the same plastic surgeon.

Another Twitter user Blythe Smith, who doesn't quite agree that both women could replace each other, says the similarities are frightening but that Caitlyn is taller.

Caitlyn Jenner wants to play Melania Trump

On an episode of popular US sketch show Saturday Night Live, Caitlyn hinted she would impersonate the first lady. During her appearance on This Morning, the transgender made the suggestion to the hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

As the presenters prepared to have a chat, Caitlyn joked:

How do you like this one? I play on Saturday night live our first lady Ivanka Trump. What do you think? I play Melania, I do the whole thing.

What do you think? Could Caitlyn Jenner and Melania replace each other? Share in the comments.