Is Melania Fake? Recent Video Showing First Lady Fuels Conspiracy Theory That She Uses A Double

Date November 13, 2018

In our world, people get trained to act as doubles. It sounds like a crazy thing to say, but in reality, many politicians, actors, and business people are rumored to use doubles for various reasons.

It’s not a new thing, the rumors that sparked conspiracy theories have been circulating a long time ago. But when it comes to people that we see every day on TV or ones that represent countries, this can come as a shock. And recently, the First Lady has become a part of such rumors.


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Fake Melania?

Has Melania Trump been using a double? This question was on the mind of many social media users after a Facebook post suggested that someone “stood” for Melania.

The woman standing near Donald Trump certainly looks like his wife. She’s wearing Melania’s signature sunglasses, fitted clothes, gorgeous hair, and her famous frown. But the footage where the president points out that his wife is standing “right there”, promoted Andrea Wagner Barton to suggest that maybe, it wasn’t Melania after all.

The post quickly became a social media sensation, creating many jokes and detailed comparison of “real” Melania and "fake" Melania.

Other people spotted different instances where the First Lady might be using a double.

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What does the social media think?

Truth or not, the theory can certainly explain why the First Lady likes to wear those big face-covering sunglasses. What do you think?

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