Michael Douglas Reveals How His 101-Year-Old Father Tries To Stay Young And Hip

Date July 19, 2018

Michael Douglas once had a sensational interview with The Guardian where he revealed that his father, a film star Kirk Douglas, was more focused on his career than on his children.

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The 73-year-old admitted that he was emotionally closer to his step-dad when he was growing up. But now when the brightest years of his successful career are far behind him, Kirk is more connected to his family than he ever was.

Surprising details

Recently, Michael appeared on Lorraine, where he shared many curious details about his famous father. Firstly, he revealed that at 101 years old, Kirk has a personal trainer and still works out.


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And then, the viewers and the show’s host discovered that the Douglas patriarch tries to stay young in more ways than one. Michael opened up about his father’s latest obsession. He said:

The greatest thing that’s happened for him is he’s discovered FaceTime.

The actor followed up jokingly describing how his demanding dad often calls day and night always keen to know where he is and who he’s with. “He loves it”, concluded Michael with a smile.


We can’t help but imagine Kirk leaning into his phone to see what his son is up to. Maybe, being good friends with technology is one of the things that help him to stay as fit as a fiddle.


With the epic career behind, Kirk Douglas is happy he has his family to lean on to. Perhaps, we will see him on Twitter any time soon.

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Michael Douglas